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Automatic Sliding Doors

The Redefined Classic

TORMAX automatic sliding door systems provide extensive convenience and flexibility for effortless access without contact with the door. In our extensive product range you will find the right door solution for every building, whether for installation during its construction or for retro-fitting.

Automatic Sliding Doors - Types

A curved sliding door makes an architectural statement and demonstrates style and character at the first glance. A curved sliding door lends an air of grandeur to the entire entrance area: it is up to 40% larger than linear sliding doors.
Opening Types
Left or right opening Opening width 800 - 2000 mm
Opening Types
Opening both sides Opening width 1100 - 3000 mm
Optional Areas of Application
  • Rescue and escape routes
  • Full-glass doors

Additional Functions
  • Air-lock function: two coordinated door systems control access
  • Access control: controlled by a key, badge, video monitoring and biometric data
  • Hold-up closure: on pressing a button the door closes immediately and without a reversal
  • Building automation: incorporation into existing systems

Profile Systems

Full-glass solution

TORMAX has developed a special and absolutely secure bolted and adhesive support for glass door leaves which disappears fully into the drive. No fixing points of any nature can be seen externally – the automatic sliding door opens as if by a ghostly hand. Yet another TORMAX contribution to an architecture which is perfection down to the last detail.

Lightweight profile LR 32THERM

Thermally separated sliding door profile LR32THERM

The thermally separated profile has a very narrow and compact design. The circumferential seals reduce the exchange of cold and warm air. This keeps costs down and protects the environment.

* Visible width: 35 mm
* with options: 70 mm
* Base height: 85 mm
* Profile depth: 40 mm
* Glass thickness: 32 mm
* Type of glazing: Insulating, double or triple
* Sealing of the sliding door leaves: All-round, brushes and/or rubber seals
* Safety distances: as per DIN 18650

Ideal for
office buildings, shops, convenience stores in filling stations, apartment blocks, hotels, restaurants, care homes, hospitals, conference centres and exhibition buildings as well as innumerable other types of buildings.