About Us

We have formed a mutually supportive, substantive and questioning team of high performers around us which is distinguished by an atmosphere of mutual trust and esteem and in which we learn from each other, grow together and develop our strengths – as individuals and as a team – inspiring us all in this way to become a solution-oriented and performance-oriented effective unit.
We live this spirit in our daily lives and project it with single-mindedness to all our stakeholders. We use it to create a lasting feeling of involvement among our customers, partners, staff and their families, shareholders and the general public – a feeling which leads to growing success for the company and, in consequence, to value-added for all concerned.


We supply and maintain these doors throughout South Africa with agents in most major cities. Further proof of the quality of our products is the guarantee we offer on them.

The minimum guarantee for our entry level DC operator is 18 months and for the AC operators is 2 years on the operator and 4 years on the motor.

Our products offered:

Automatic Sliding Doors100%
Automatic Swing Doors100%
Automatic Revolving Doors100%
Automatic Curved Doors100%
Automatic Sliding & Swing Gates100%
Manual Revolving Doors100%
Man Trap Doors100%
Service & Maintenance100%
Manual & Automatic Roller Shutter Doors100%
Access Control100%
Fire Protection Curtains100%
Automatic Window Openers100%
Smart Home Automation Systems100%
LED Lighting100%


Our Landlines are currently down due to a technical fault.
Kindly Reach us on these numbers.

+27 73 622 0894

+27 83 788 3777

Thank you for your understanding.

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