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Fire and Smoke Doors

Protection against the spread of fire and smoke

Fire doors are intended to protect openings in fire-retardant or fire-resistant walls against the penetration of fire. TORMAX automatic fire doors provide convenience in normal operations – and a plus point in terms of safety in an emergency because of their sustained resistance to fire and smoke.

Fire doors must always be self-closing and must not be held open by wedges or other means. The closing impulse can be triggered manually via a button or a connection to a smoke alarm or building management system.

People escaping from the fire must always be able to open the door manually; the drive closes the door again safely when they have passed through.

Legislation on fire and smoke protection continues to be at a national level. We therefore recommend that you obtain information from your local TORMAX partner about suitable solutions for your requirement in your country.

Rescue and Escape Routes

Safe emergency exits

If it is necessary to escape from a building people must always be able to reach the open air or a safe area. In this special situation automatic doors take over important tasks. While offering the convenience of an automatic door in normal situations, in the event of an emergency, fire doors must make an escape route available in a matter of seconds. Therefore during normal operating times the fire doors in a building may not ordinarily be locked; they must also be easy to open by means of a handle.

TORMAX offers both mechanical and electrical solutions for rescue and escape routes.

  • Mechanical solution: Break-out: door leaves can be manually opened and pushed together
  • Electronic solution: two independent redundant monitored systems for emergency opening

Barrier-Free Access

Opening the Doors to a World without Obstructions

“Doors which are never noticed.“ Putting this TORMAX theme into effect removes some of the restrictions encountered by handicapped people in their daily lives. The new generation of door drives keeps this promise.

Barrier-free access is an important concern. We have therefore specially written a planning file on this subject for architects and designers in order to provide them with a powerful tool for the design and construction of obstruction-free automatic door systems.

Our Commitment to Mankind and the Environment

What we consider to be imperative – and what you can count on.

As a company with a tradition dating back very many years, we consider it self-evident that we should act responsibly both towards our stakeholders and the environment.

We are happy to make a contribution to the ability of future generations to grow up in a world which offers high standards in their quality of life.

For us, acting sustainably means developing solutions which are distinguished by quality and efficiency and which are sparing in their consumption of resources.

Our commitment to mankind and the environment is reflected right along our value-creation chain:

  • Development and procurement
  • Production
  • Packaging and transportation
  • Product use
  • Recycling

You can be certain that a decision in favour of TORMAX products is also a decision for the careful stewardship of or our environment.

Corrosion-Free and Water-Tight Doors (IP65)

Automatic doors to rooms subject to unusual environments, for example aggressive vapours or salt-laden air, or to rooms in hygienically sensitive areas need a door drive with special protection. The corrosion-free, water and dust-tight drive solution from TORMAX significantly extends the working life of automatic doors.



All doors of a building – or just a defined group of doors – can be centrally monitored and controlled. It is possible to steer efficiently the flow of individuals throughout several buildings. The condition of each door is visible any time.

TORMAX doors are compatible with any building control system

Unique Solution

Our Standard Includes the Non-Standard

TORMAX offers you a wide range of products for standard solutions. But we can do other things, too. We also manufacture customised doors. Automatic doors which are on the slant. Automatic doors which are ten metres high. Automatic doors with drives concealed in the floor or ceiling.

Meet some of the exciting TORMAX special solutions here.

Hermetic Doors

Hermetic doors are doors equipped with a circumferential hermetic sealing system and are used for example in laboratories, operating theatres, clean-room production or in the pharmaceutical industry. They prevent the exchange of the external and internal air. The doors are sound-proof as well as air and water-tight and also meet stringent requirements for enhanced noise insulation or protection against radio-active radiation.


Automatic door for Indoors

Automatic sliding doors provide a high level of convenience for easy access to buildings or when moving from one room to another inside a building.

The TORMAX HomeDoor follows a new approach – the automatic door becomes an active design element. The door appears to float as top and bottom guide rails are not needed. The drive can also become a design feature, for example as a digital picture frame or as an information provider.


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